Why, hello there. This blog is where I'm going to be dumping all the recent pictures I've taken. Comments and criticism welcomed.  

Saturday, 28 August 2010


D80 + Sigma 180mm @ f/8 1/5s 

Taken with a Nikon D80 + a reversed 50mm lens 
D80 + Sigma 180mm @ f/11, 6s 
D80 + Sigma 180mm @ f/5.6 1/5s 
D80 + Sigma 180mm @ f/8 1/5s 

All of these shots were taken in January 2010, but on different days. The last one was shot while it was snowing (hence the ice). The Sigma 180mm macro lens is a REALLY good lens for the focal length. It's amazingly sharp and balances well on my D80. The only slight problem is the auto focus, it hunts a lot! But manual focusing with macro is pretty much the only way at this focal length anyway.